Tequila Ocho Extra Añejo


Each vintage of Ocho is harvested from a different single estate in the Camarena portfolio and therefore offers aromas and flavors unique to itself. Tomas Estes provides his personal tasting notes on the back label of every bottle produced.

Tequila Ocho sources its agaves from "single estates" - single parcels of land with unique microclimates. Access to multiple estates at varying altitudes allows Ocho to showcase different nose and favor characteristics through each vintage. The brand represents the unveiling of "terroir" as a genuine product concept in tequila and confirms that it exists as much in agave as it does in grapes. This concept is centuries old in wine, but has not been seriously explored in spirits. Whereas most spirits focus their distillation on delivering "consistency of character", Ocho is original in its delivery of "complexity of character" through each vintage.