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Lagavulin 12 Year Old Special Release 2021


Brand Lagavulin

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As our fable goes, The King of Islay seen upon the crest of Lagavulin was no ordinary feline, but a lion rampant who prowled the grounds of an Islay castle, a fresh victor, intense in power and pride. This brooding and battle-worn beast, won its crown through flame and ferocity – and came to represent one of Scotland’s most fiery distilleries.

Deceptive with its inviting golden hue, at first taste this rare beast growls gently, teasing with lemon, salty-sweetness and roasted tea. Intense blackened wood stalks the palate before a long, warming and drying finish, roaring with chilli pepper and great waves of smoke.  A classic Lagavulin 12, striking in every way: The King of Islay, in his prime.