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Jack Daniel's Legacy Edition


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Jack Daniel’s is known for being a well-crafted, smooth sippin’ Tennessee Whiskey. We’ve become known for something else along the way: our iconic black and white label. But our label wasn’t always so black and white. Some time before 1904 our bottles were a rather unexpected shade of green with an eye-catching gold trim. Exactly when this label was used is no longer known. Seems we were so busy distilling Tennessee Whiskey that we forgot to keep records on our colorful labels. Looking closely you’ll see that this label lacks the familiar gold medal symbol. In 1904 Jack Daniel’s won gold at the St. Louis World’s Fair, and from that point on Jack Daniel and his nephew Lem Motlow always placed the medal on the label. A very savvy marketing move, yes, but it also tells us this green and gold label was produced before 1904. This limited bottle measures up at 43% ABV. The perfect gift for any Jack lover.