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Hooten Young 15 Year Old Barrel Proof


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This limited-edition Barrel Proof American Whiskey was poured from second fill charred American oak barrels in commemoration of the 28th anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu. On October 3rd, 1993, U.S. Forces met orders to capture Somali warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid as part of Operation Gothic Serpent. Hooten Young president and retired Delta Force MSgt. Norm Hooten helped lead this gruesome 18-hour mission for survival — a story eventually retold in Black Hawk Down.

  • Aged 15 years
  • Discovered by Master Sommelier George Miliotes 
  • Made with a mash bill of 99% corn and 1% barley 
  • Distilled to 189 proof and bottled at 125 proof 
  • Intense aromas and flavors of baked apple tart, candied apricots and clove followed by a long maple syrup finish