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Broken Dog Straight Bourbon


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Broken Dog Bourbon is aged for 4 years in virgin, American oak barrels using 100% locally sourced produce and distilled at Montauk Distillery Co. in Long Island, New York State. It is a strong and noble drink with a rich and full flavor profile. As a hint of woodland oak emerges and it hits your lips, enjoy a clean finish feel at the back of the palate.

A dash of sea salt and mermaids shell in his fur, a trusted Boston terrier rests at the edge of the Riverhead pier, waiting for his owner. With each ship’s arrival its precious barrel to land safely on the dock. At the end of a long day, they return to share the good stories and some bad lies. They watch the burnt orange sun melt into the sea and sip their secretly stashed bourbon. Some days were harder than others, it was here they felt broken but never to break, The legendary name of the Broken Dog was bestowed upon them.